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Society, increasingly, demands greater awareness of – and knowledge about – the products we create and consume. What am I voting for if I purchase this product? Who really produced it? How was it brought to market? Is there slave or child labor in this product? Was it really sustainably produced, apart from some generic, high-level certification that states this to be fact? Is this product on this shelf, now, really what I’m led to believe? How so?

Enterprises’ stakeholders – consumers, customers, regulators, investors, lenders, insurers, ratings agencies – want this kind of knowledge. Knowledge about Where & How products are created and distributed. Knowledge quite different from the chemical and physical information telling What a product is. Forward-looking companies understand this demand for a new kind of business knowledge. And, they want to provide it to their stakeholders. SCR’s patented technology now makes it possible for companies to tell, and people to know, the true and verifiable Story of A Product™ – at the deep, granular product-item level.

The SCR SupplyLense™ platform is now in pre-beta development, following completion of our elegant proof-of-concept (on a semantic web platform) and our visually pleasing demonstration system (showing deeply-relational and complex information in an intuitive, easy-to-understand fashion). SCR’s patented inventions are now a general purpose technology. Our SupplyLense™ platform is applicable within virtually any legitimate business environment – for any kind of product (including intangible products) or service and for value chain environments with any level of complexity. If you represent an enterprise concerned with any of – Compliance (regulatory or voluntary); supply chain Transparency or Risk Management; product Authenticity; or supply chain Resiliency planning – we invite you to contact us for a live, screen-sharing demonstration of our innovative systems.

SCR’s enterprise-facing solution offers

  • Ability to create true Product Stories from your company’s supply chain network.
  • Integration with SCR ProductLense™ platform, where people access true Product Stories.
  • Capability to exploit network structure of your supply chain.
  • Deep-binding of supply chain metrics to your intermediate and end-products.
  • Ultra-fast query capability, even for complex supply chain networks.
  • Deep information-verifiability via of SCR’s patent-pending Object Analytic Record.
  • Deep verifiability of every product’s true supply path via SCR’s patented object unique identifier.
  • Ultra-high, customizable data security via the SCR Trust Model, which optionally includes Blockchain technology.


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