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SCR ProductLense™ is the central platform/service that will link to multiple different SCR SupplyLense™ platform implementations. ProductLense™ is where people will go to get answers to the same kinds of questions that companies create via SupplyLense™: What am I voting for if I purchase this product? Who really produced it? How was it brought to market? Is there slave or child labor in this product? Was it really sustainably produced, apart from some generic, high-level certification that states this to be fact? Is this product on this shelf, now, really what I’m led to believe?

Just as forward-looking companies appreciate the growing demand for this new kind of business knowledge, their customers and other stakeholders understand the importance of, and want, this new Supply Chain Knowledge (SC•Kn). And, because in-store consumers purchase products, rather than companies’ shares, the SCR ProductLense™ provides SC•Kn at the granular, product-item level. SC•Kn is a new kind of knowledge about the things people actually buy – Products.

Using the SCR ProductLense™ mobile app, shoppers will be enabled to make better informed consumer choices – based on sustainability and other kinds of metrics of interest to them. Using ProductLense™ on a tablet or PC, other stakeholders will be able to explore risk and other metrics of interest to them. For instance, insurers can explore the trend in a client company’s SCR Supply Chain Integrity Rating™ – for example, on bases of product category or geographic distribution. Because our ProductLense™ applications will pull data from enterprise-facing SupplyLense™ implementations, SCR is deferring their development (for all form factors) until at least our first enterprise system is under development.

SCR’s customer-facing solution offers

  • Central platform for people to find true Stories for your company’s products.
  • The ‘last mile’ between your customers and your supply chain.
  • Integration with other SupplyLense™ platforms – where true Product Stories are created.
  • Capability for people visually to explore the true supply path of any product considered for purchase.
  • Intuitive visual description of underlying technology that makes all this possible.
  • Product differentiation, leading to value enhancement.
  • Ultra-fast query capability, thus informing consumer choice at the point of purchase.
  • Default graphical views of SC•Kn (at product-item level).
  • Customer-specified views for other available metrics.


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