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Strongest distribution network

Your Company - Your Responsability

What do you really Know about your products ...

• Actual Supply Chains?

• Real sustainability and Real Metrics?

• True Authenticity?

• And their Real Transparency, as claimed to your stakeholders?

Strongest distribution network


for products™

Prove the Positive In Your Product™

International Air freight

Discovering and Revealing

Your Products’ DNA

A truly new kind of Supply Chain Knowledge

Worldwide freight services

Create True and Verifiable

Product Stories

And share those stories with consumers, customers, all stakeholders


SCR SupplyLense™ transforms supply chains into deeply-relational, digitized Supervised Supply Paths. SCR SupplyLense™ lets our customers: easily access, preserve and analyze hidden information in complex supply chain environments; and discover both unseen risks and competitive opportunities. Prove the Positive In Your Product™.


SCR ProductLense™ is your enterprise’s B2C point of engagement with your stakeholders. Help consumers know, “What am I voting for when I buy this product?” Provide people a direct channel to communicate with your company at: the deep product-item level; the point of purchase; and in contexts of true knowledge about Where & How your products are created.




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Information-optimize your supply chain network. Know more about your deep-tier partners.

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Put Sustainability Into Your Customers Hands™ by providing true product stories.

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Offer stakeholders more, true information about Where & How your products are created.

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Create new brand engagement channels for both C2B and C2C. Product stories worth sharing.

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Compliance & Authenticity

For both mandatory and voluntary regulation, Prove the Positive In Your Products™.

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Deep network analytics

Visualize supply chain performance and dynamics with deeply-relational information.

Understanding deep-tier supply chains

SCR’s patented, general purpose technology provides advanced knowledge management:

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    Product differentiation

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    Empowerment of consumers

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    Risk identification and mitigation

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    Uncover hidden information